25 [Customer] Incorporating the Human Element into Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy
VMJPodJune 05, 202400:17:3612.13 MB

25 [Customer] Incorporating the Human Element into Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

In this episode of the VMJPod, host Megan Alexander interviews Allegra Di Norcia, the Talent Acquisition Analyst at Skout Solutions.

Skout Solutions is a joint venture between Ventia and Randstad focused on recruitment for Ventia.

Allegra shares insights into how Skout Solutions has leveraged VideoMyJob to improve their employer brand, engagement, and reach. Listeners can expect to learn about the benefits and challenges of using video in talent acquisition, as well as tips for creating great recruitment videos.

Jump to Key Highlights:

(00:01:38) - On their previous recruitment marketing tactics of using mainly static images and text

(00:03:41) - On their strategic goals for VideoMyJob

(00:05:03) - On the key benefits seen from using VideoMyJob

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