11 [Talking Talent Live] Brooke Clark, Recursion
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11 [Talking Talent Live] Brooke Clark, Recursion

Talking Talent Live is back for another episode and we’re super excited to be joined by Recursion’s Brooke Clark from Salt Lake City.

A highly experienced TA strategist, over six years Brooke has helped Recursion grow from a 40 person start up to a world-leading biotech company that employs over 500 people. Having implemented a wealth of key Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition strategies, Brooke has recently stepped into a Business Operations role, drawing on her experience to deliver business-critical initiatives and maximize talent across the organization.

In the session we cover:

👉 How to implement key TA and EB initiatives that align with changing business needs
👉 Importance of internal engagement and mobilizing stakeholders
👉 Going beyond the generic and segmenting your messaging for key talent segments

Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the industry’s leading experts.